The Total Economic Impact Of Smartling's Enterprise Translation Management Platform

Examine Smartling's potential return on investment through a study conducted by Forrester.

"Instead of organically developing a translation system, partnering with Smartling was the better economic tradeoff for us and also enabled us to reach a lot of markets fairly quickly."
--SVP of Corporate and Business Development

In March 2016, Forrester conducted interviews with the senior vice president of corporate and business development and the vice president of product at a US-based business services company. The team developed a Total Economic Impact (TEI) framework for organizations considering implementing Smartling's Translation Management System. 

This whitepaper will identify the cost, benefit, flexibility and risk factors that affect the investment decision. 

In this whitepaper you'll discover...

    • The benefits of deploying Smartling's Translation Management System
    • How Smartling helped the organization grow its business outisde of the US
    • The relationship between localization and IT Staff Cost Avoidance 

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