Success Story: Shinola | Detroit

Learn how this eCommerce company generated an increase in site traffic and international sales using the Smartling Global Delivery Network.

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“Since adopting Smartling's technology, we now consider the international angle with every product, piece of content, or new site feature we implement.”
-- Ryan Shaltry, Senior Technical Developer/Architect, Shinola 

Shinola, a modern manufacturer of classic high-end watches, leather goods, and bicycles coordinated the efforts of its new international website using Smartling's Global Delivery Network. After the opening of its first European storefront in London, the Detroit-based company sought a localization solution that could complete its translation project goals while maintaining quality content translations. 

In this case study, you'll learn how Shinola...

  • Translated its online content in 7 different languages across 15 countries 
  • Harnessed the speed of the Smartling Global Delivery Network for quality translations in only 3 months
  • Implemented its global go-to-market strategy for a speedy to its customers worldwide

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