Smartling's Road to Translation Excellence

View this infographic and identify where your translation process lies on the road toward stronger global reach.

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Where are you on your journey toward translation excellence? 

Whether you're a small company looking for a way to automate your translations or an internationally-recognized brand with content localized across several international audiences in 20 different languages, take a step back and ask yourself:

"How confident am I that my translations are generating the
outcomes I expected?" 

In this infographic, we discuss the 5 stages of Translation Excellence: Manual, Automated, Agile, Centralized and Expert. With this knowledge, you will better understand each stage and where your company's current translation process lies on the road toward Translation Excellence.

Smartling's Road to Translation Excellence will help you...

  • Identify which stage your current translation process exists within a broader scope 
  • Understand available solutions for better translation quality and workflow efficiency 
  • Learn the success criteria for a stronger relationship with cutomers around the world


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