3 Steps to Conquering the $4.5 Trillion Global Commerce Market

A special report by Smartling + Retail Touchpoints

Global e-Commerce spending is expected to nearly double to $4.48 trillion by 2021.

Global e-Commerce spending reached an estimated $2.29 trillion in 2017, a 23.2% increase over 2016, according to eMarketer. This total is expected to nearly double to $4.48 trillion by 2021.

Cross-border commerce will play a significant role in this growth. In 2015, the online cross-border market represented 15% of global e-Commerce sales, according to DHL, but will rise to 22% by 2020.

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  • Translation and localization are vital to delivering contextual content, for retailers such as Shinola;
  • Marketplaces can provide a gateway for retailers to enter new markets, even large companies like Aldi; and
  • Mobile is the preferred method of shopping in major emerging markets such as China, Indonesia, Nigeria and India.

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