Multimedia Localization Solution

Enhancing the audience experience by transcribing, subtitling, and captioning your content in native multimedia file formats. 

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Nearly 80% of Youtube views are sourced from outside the United States.

The availability of your resource library to international audiences needs to extend beyond blog posts and support content. Video and audio files are just as important to your company's customer acquisition strategy as documents.

Smartling's Multimedia Localization Solution enables you to localize your multimedia content by leveraging the expertise of our network of experienced translators. Download this product brief to explore the options available to your company for its multimedia content. 

In this product brief, you'll learn...

    • Why transcribing and translating your multimedia content will extend your reach into new markets 
    • Key capabilities and benefits of Smartling's Multimedia Localization Solution
    • How one software company expanded its searchable caption offerings to global audiences

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