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"Smartling provides a simple, yet sophisticated solution to the mobile localization challenge, making mobile localization virtually effortless."
--AJ Cihla, CEO, Jargon

According to eMarketer, there will be $245 billion worth of commerce transactions happening on mobile in the US alone by 2019. Thanks to these mobile usage explosions, companies now face new mobile app localization challenges that require smarter thinking when it comes to reaching a mobile-driven audience. Smartling's technology offers a comprehensive set of tools for app translations and QA testing. 

Read this product brief for a deeper understanding of how Smartling's Mobile App Localization Solution could offer your business the tools it needs to translate its mobile app content, seemlessly and over-the-air.

In this brief you'll learn...

    • Helpful resources of the Smartling Mobile App Localization Solution
    • How to simplify your current translation workflows using the Mobile Delivery Network
    • About our instant, over-the-air updates and on-device quality assurance tools  

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