Success Story: InterContinental Hotels Group

Download this success story to learn how adopting agile translation helped this global hotel operator stay ahead. 

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“Developer involvement in translation has been reduced to almost zero, allowing our global technology team to continue to enhance the functionality and performance of our direct channels ...”
-- Chad Westfall, VP Global Direct Channels of IHG

With online and mobile content published in over a dozen languages, this global operations company pursued agile translation for localization support across direct channels. For a consistent, world-class guest experience, IHG adopted Smartling's translation proxy and technology connectors to maintain its first-mover advantage by delivering quality multilingual content to online visitors in each supported language. 

In this success story, you'll learn how Smartling... 

  • Replaced IHG's manual translation processes with automated workflows
  • Minimized IT involvement for optimal and efficient content translations
  • United the efforts between project managers and translators 


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