Success Story: Vivino

Learn how this wine mobile app provider solved its localization challenges with Smartling and engaged the global community.

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“Smartling's API is straightforward and they have an experienced team. The implementation process went very smoothly, and the fact that we don't need to coordinate between translators is a huge benefit.”
-- Christos Iosifidis, Product Manager, Vivino


Founded in Copenhagen in 2010, the Vivino wine app offers an easy and fast way to discover and share users' wine experiences. As Vivino gained popularity among local regions across the globe, the company decided to adopt Smartling to help carry out its localization strategy and engage with new communities.

In this case study, you'll learn how Smartling helped Vivino coordinate the localization process that:

  • Generated an increase in downloads after launching the app in 5 languages
  • Saved translation costs and time required to manage manual processes
  • Made it possible to leverage translation across platforms

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