2016 Mobile & App Marketing Trends

Mobile marketing means more than just a phone app. Download this research report to learn why integrating mobile into your marketing strategy will support your message. 

How are mobile trends impacting brands in 2016? 

More than 50% of searches are happening on a mobile device and users expect a personalized experience.* 

Mobile marketing is a key component to how a company differentiates itself. An explosion of in-app purchases and a concentration in app usage are just two of the reasons why marketers need to implement a strong, mobile-driven plan. 

In this report, we believe that you'll learn...

  • The leading mobile trends influencing the largest marketing agencies 
  • Strategic initiatives from prominent mobile-first companies 
  • The newest technologies and consumer behaviors disrupting the mobile space

*Source: 2016 Mobile And App Marketing Trends, January 2016, Forrester Research

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